Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Flowers

 April showers bring May flowers!  I am so happy it's Spring!  Winter was so long!  The last couple days have been beautiful and I LOVE it!!  I am so thankful for the promise of Spring.  The colors, the smells, the beautiful world coming back to life!  I love it!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Things are Coming!

I'm working on some super cool things for photographers and decorating, I'm super excited!  I will tell you more when I get more done:).  As for right now I just want to leave you with this super cool picture of my little boy down in Southern Utah.  I love these red rocks, I can't get enough of how unique and different they are!  These small narrow hikes are so fun.  If you have time, go down to souther Utah and check out all this awesome hikes!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Decorate with Your Pictures!!

Time to get your pictures off your computers and into places and spaces that you can enjoy them!!  It is important to see the memories that you've captured and reminded of the fun times you've had together!  I just finished this wall in my son's room(yay)!  I really liked how it turned out!  He loved it, and that's what is really important.

The big picture of my little guy was printed at Staples.  I know, I know you don't normally hear of professional photographers printing their pictures at Staples, but I do, at least the engineer prints.  I love using the "engineer prints."  They are super cheap and I just print them off and replace the pictures as my kids get older!  I love them!  I think they are like 5$, they are not on fabulous paper but they still look good, you can upgrade and do it on photo paper but the whole purpose for me is to have it cheap and replaceable.  I've printed a bunch of big pictures with the engineer prints and I have loved them all!  I always do them in black and white so that I don't have to worry about the color matching or looking off.  I have printed my pictures at a bunch of different places but the price point for the engineer is so cheap so I don't feel bad doing it often:).  I love big pictures in my house and this is a way I can have them without breaking the bank!  Also, just a note for the people who are interested in doing them for their house.  

I made the Lego guy holder out of an IKEA frame.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and really liked how it turned out!  Too bad my little boy loves his Lego's too much to leave them up on the board(it drives me crazy!) but you get the idea of what it would look like with the three Lego guys that are up there:)!

The awesome Star Wars Print was made by an awesome designer that has an ETSY shop 
called NicholeMariePrintery and here is a link to her shop!
I got the print printed at my favorite print shop called Pro Digital, it's a local print shop in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  They do such a wonderful job withs prints, I really love their work.

I think that presenting your photography in a meaningful way makes such a difference on how your house feels!  These memories of the places you've traveled and the people that are most important to you should be out for all to see and enjoy.  It is such a good reminder of past fun and special times.  The picture of my little boy is when he was in his "super hero" phase and he never wanted to take his costumes off.  It's only been a couple years, but it feel like a lifetime ago when he was so little!  It is a lot of fun for me to look back at those times!
Anyway, moral of the story:
 Print your pictures!  There are so many options on the good places to print your pictures and I'll try to go over more later.
I'll keep posting about the best way's I've found to print and display pictures around my house!