Thursday, February 21, 2013

Plan of Salvation (free printable)

Page 1

Page 2

We are teaching the Plan of Salvation all month in church, and this is my favorite topic!  I couldn't find any clip art online that had all the steps that I wanted to talk about, so I made this one myself.  I know it's not perfect, but it's as good as its going to get this time around :).  If you would like to have this as a free download email me at and I will send you both these pages.  If you are going to use it please give credit back to me at kryspphotography, thanks!  Please do not sell or redistribute any of these drawing in any way, thanks!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Photo Challenge Submission These two are cousins and they love each other so much! I thought this would be the perfect picture for the Love challenge on iheartfaces. Its so great the way these girls can show their love for each other so easily!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Provo Temple(again) LDS Temple Art

I think this one is my favorite to the Provo Temple to date.  I have a bunch of empty walls in my house and I'm trying to get some temple pictures to cover them.  I need to get myself up to Salt Lake Temple and do more of that one, but as of right now Timp and Provo are so close I'm going to keep trying until I get the one's I love!  I hope you enjoy!

Mt Timp Temple Pictures (LDS Temple Art)

I thought this first picture turned out to be such a classic picture of the temple, at least what it looks like in the winter.  I love the blue windows with the white snow on the ground.

I love the sun coming up on the right side of the temple with the snow on the Timpanogos Mountains in the back ground.  It makes for a pretty dramatic shot.  The black trees leading up to the light of the temple is so beautiful.  I can see so much symbolism in this picture of light and darkness, and life and death.
I'm ready for winter to be over, but it's still beautiful!  My favorite of the three is this last one.  I love the classic calmness of this picture.  The cool of winter along with all it's beauty.  I'm still ready for spring though!