Monday, February 4, 2013

Mt Timp Temple Pictures (LDS Temple Art)

I thought this first picture turned out to be such a classic picture of the temple, at least what it looks like in the winter.  I love the blue windows with the white snow on the ground.

I love the sun coming up on the right side of the temple with the snow on the Timpanogos Mountains in the back ground.  It makes for a pretty dramatic shot.  The black trees leading up to the light of the temple is so beautiful.  I can see so much symbolism in this picture of light and darkness, and life and death.
I'm ready for winter to be over, but it's still beautiful!  My favorite of the three is this last one.  I love the classic calmness of this picture.  The cool of winter along with all it's beauty.  I'm still ready for spring though!

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  1. Hello, this may be random, but I came across your picture of the mt timp temple on pinterest and I've been looking for a picture that has a bit of a pink accent for my daughter's wall, and that bottom picture would be you sell or e-mail your pictures to strangers like me? ...airplanemom(at)hotmail(dot)com