Monday, July 29, 2013

Carter Family 2013

This is the wonderful and super cool Carter family.  I met their oldest daughter Rikki while we both worked at the mall next to each other.  She introduced me to her cousin and I ended up marrying that cousin of hers and she's been my bestest most favorite cousin/friend ever since!  I'm so lucky to have Rikki and her great family in my life!
Now Rikki is moving to Canada so we had to get these family pictures done quick!  I'm super sad to see her go!  She's one of those people that loves you for who you are!  She's accepting, kind, loving and she's got all sorts of attitude that is the cherry on top!
I'm going to miss you RIKKI!!
We love you lots and lots and lots!!!  


  1. Your photo skills just get better and better! So talented! I am going to miss seeing you and having those great talks of ours! Come to canada!

  2. Krystine-- You are so talented! You will never know how much it means for me to have all these wonderful pictures! You would never know that is was so overcast that day (and raining) that we almost didn't take these!! So glad we did! You are the best!