Friday, August 17, 2012

Chuck and Nikki's wedding (Hawaii Wedding Photographer)

 The Ocean Crystal Chapel at the Hilton was where Chuck and Nikki got married.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place!

The wedding program
Chuck and his parents Carol and Lynn Olson walking him down the aisle.
Chuck's friend Chis married Chuck and Nikki.
Flower girls
Nikki and her parents making their way down the aisle.

These two cute boys brought the Bible and the Coins down the aisle in the ceremony.

Chuck's sister Rochelle making her way down the aisle.

Chuck's sister Rochelle started the ceremony off with a scripture from the Bible on the importance of Love.

The "bubble shower" after the wedding ceremony.  This was the part the kids were most excited for.  Every time Chuck would talk about the "bubble shower" the kids would giggle.

Chuck's friends were asked to sing a song for the reception, and they all got together and sang "Kiss the Girl" from "Little Mermaid" it was the best act of the night :)  It was a lot of fun!

Chuck and Nikki met in Africa while they were both working overseas.  For their centerpieces they chose to bring a little bit of Africa with them with these chess sets.  They were beautiful chess sets, it was fun to have something so personal to share with everyone.

A fun tradition from Nikki's culture was the "Money Dance" this is where all the guests get to pin money on the bride and groom and wish them well. 
Thanks Chuck and Nikki, it was a lot of fun!


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  1. Thanks for giving us the feel of Chuck's wedding day! Great Photography!