Monday, August 8, 2016

Photography 2016

I've been doing some soul searching when it comes to my passion for photography.  Trying to decide why I love it and what keeps bringing me back to my camera time after time.  The quote "photography is the best cure for a bad memory," is the saying that keeps coming into my mind.  I love creating beautiful images and capturing something that is fleeting.  

Childhood, relationships,  passions all change over time and capturing each phase is so important.   I love looking back of the special times and feeling the love and the light that we can see years later.  Sometimes memories are all we have left.

I am trying to live my life with more purpose.  I'm trying to capture the beautiful life that I have been given(hopefully in a beautiful way!)!  I don't want to see life pass me by and wish I had done something else or tried something different.  I am working to be more purposeful in my actions and decision to be a better person.

 To make a long story short one of the things that I want to be better with is my blog.  I have not been very diligent when it comes to updating my blog and keeping my pictures posted but I am now making a goal to do better.  I would like to see my journey of improvement(hopefully).   

 It seems like life is in fast forward and its hard to catch up with all the things I would like to do along with get my kids doing the things they should be doing.  I'm going to be better!  I will be better at blogging and making sure I am posting about photography and my journey.  

It feels really good to set goal and hopefully keep up with them!  Yay!!

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