Tuesday, January 3, 2017

TPE 52 Week Challenge WEEK 1

I really want to improve my photography this year, and the key to getting better at anything is practice, practice, practice!  I'm really seeing as I get older that things do not come easy to a lot of people, but the harder you work at it the easier things become!  It is definitely the same with photography.  When I am practicing and working on improving there is such a difference in my work! I decided to try a 52 week challenge through The Photographers Element to make sure I am taking pictures every single week!  One of the best photography classes that I ever took was taught by a girl named Brooke Snow the assistant of her class was Sarah Allred, so I was excited to learn that Sarah started the TPE!  I decided to jump on board with the things they are doing over at The Photographers Element.  I'm excited to be back at work and trying new things with my camera(and iphone:))!

The first challenge is Self Portrait!  Holy cow, this challenge started out a little more tricky then I thought it would!  A self portrait is not something I try often, umm. . . Or ever!  It was pretty fun trying out some new things with the camera.  I ended up using my iphone and I definitely do not know how to "rock my iphone" as they say but maybe I can get some skills at I keep working on it!  With this week being so busy with family in town and the kids home from school, I didn't have the time to get my big camera out and mess with the timer.  I am hoping once things slow down here at home then getting the camera out won't be as hard!

Here is the picture.  I sat in front of a window as the snow was falling and the light outside was pretty bright.  I tuned it into black and white in the photoshop on my phone and bumped up the contrast a little, and this is the end product!

#TPE52 Week ONE of the 52 week challenge is done(I'm totally keeping up on things:))!  Yay!

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