Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Wedge, San Rafael Swell

The Wedge

Our first trip out in our newly fixed motorhome was Memorial day weekend, last year.  It was pretty scary to depend on a Motorhome that hasn't been working in years, so we decided to try someplace not too far away.  Some of our family talked us into trying a place called "The Wedge."   The Wedge is also known as "the mini Grand Canyon of Utah," and completely awesome!  This is a must see when coming to Utah, in my book.  It's out in nowhere land, so it's completely shocking that these views are so close and easily accessible, and not very well known. 

 It was a great place to camp and let the kids play and explore.   The roads were easily manageable (I'm scared of everything and these roads were good for me:)!)  We did caravan down with
family which is always a good idea(especially with old motorhomes:)).

There were a lot of great camping spots.  We went up a canyon a little bit to find a pretty secluded spot to camp.  The family that showed us where to go explained the area like this '"its like Lake Powell without the water."  The camping spot was a couple miles from the big Canyon views, and the perfect place for the kids to play.  They did some frog catching and some rolling in the dirt:).  This is not my child(below), my children are like their mother and do not like to touch crawling, or jumping things :P, but pretty cool that they found a frog!  We did some hiking around and some exploring and discovering, it was so much fun! 

There are also some amazing Indian writings on the rocks.  It was so fun seeing all the different pictures, showing the kids and guessing what the meaning behind them is!  The writings are all over the canyon walls, it's pretty cool.


I can't believe I had never heard of the Wedge before!  Maybe, because I'm not really outdoorsy or an explorer, but I thought I'd heard of the most of the big places to see in Utah(because I've lived her my whole life)! It seems like the more you explore the more there is to explore! This place was beautiful and I am so glad I got the change to see it!  It isn't super far away, about two hours from where we live in Utah County.   For us it was the perfect way to start our adventures in the Motorhome.  It was beautiful and we are definitely going back!

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