Monday, January 23, 2017

Yuba Lake

We ventured to Yuba Lake at the end of July.  We had never been there before so this was an exciting adventure for us!  We were a little shocked about what we found.  For some reason there was not a lot of water when we got there, and by "not a lot" one whole side of the lake was gone!  It was lower then the workers had ever seen it!   That was a little shocking to us!  
 Where we had reserved a camping spot there was no lake left.  There was a little stream running down the middle of part of it but it was crazy how little water was down there!  
There were dead big, yucky fish all over the ground,  the "go slow" wake water signs were all on the dirt ground, it kind of felt like the "end of the world" movies that you see on TV where all the water is dried up!  Well, we really didn't know how it was suppose to look so we found fun and new things to do!  We went out on some walking trails and we'd never been in a dry lake bed, so that was pretty different, and new for us!
In the picture above you can see the water lines on the rocks to compare last year to past years!  In the picture below you can see the big nasty fish that were dead all over the ground!  You really had to watch your step while walking down there because those fish were everywhere(EWW!!)

 Eww, this is one of the many dead fish that were EVERYWHERE! EWWW!!

The kids and the adults still had so much fun!  There was a whole lot of mud everywhere!  My kids are not the "play in the mud" type of kids, so it was fun to see them get dirty and have fun with their friends!  They did have stations to wash off around the camp sites so we didn't have to stay dirty for very long! It was fun to be out there, exploring new places and seeing things that we have never seen before!
 We did have one casualty, our friends that we camping with us had just bought new shoes for their 10 year old son, and he sank right in the mud with those new shoes!  We had to figure out how to get them out of the mud and they were super stuck!  We did end up getting them out, but it was a pretty sad sight for those new shoes! 

One of the best things that we did was watch one of our friends go our knee deep in mud and try to catch the big nasty fish that we swimming out there!  The fish were everywhere so he thought it wouldn't be that hard to catch one!  It was super funny to watch him and he was really close multiple times!  It was very entertaining!  It kind of felt like we were on the show "survivor" he was really practicing his skills!  It was so much fun to watch!! 

We did end up finding the lake (YAY!) it was a couple miles down the road!  When we got there it was perfect, except a little windy!  We had a Canoe and a kids Kayak that everyone played on!  The rangers told us that the wind could pull you out pretty far so be careful on those little boats.  The beach was fabulous, the sand and the sun were wonderful!  I am really missing it, especially this time of year when you only see snow all day long! 
Next year we would do it a little different.  We would just camp on the beach instead of in the camping spots, there were too far away from the fun.  I did love having the different views but it was so fun being right by the water.  So next time we would camp on the beach, and we would be ready for the wind, because it gets pretty crazy there!  It was so fun and not very far away, only about aan hour and a half from Orem.  It is definitely on my list again for this coming summer!

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