Thursday, January 26, 2017

Utah Family Photographer Fall

This is my cousins little girl (she's not so little anymore)!  I had taken her pictures once before a couple years ago(for her baptism) and it is amazing to me how quickly they grow up!  Sometimes I feel like life is speeding up, and I just can't get it to slow down!  It was so fun seeing her and her mom again, life gets so busy that its great to have an excuse to pull you out of the every day life and see people you love!   It was a lot of fun being able to take her pictures and see how much she's grown and changed in just a short couple years! 

 This fall was so beautiful, it seemed like the colors lasted a little bit longer the usual and we were able to enjoy them a little longer!  That's the hard thing about winter, the white is beautiful but I miss all the reds, yellows, green, really any color other then white.  This January is killing me, but hopefully it'll help me appreciate the colors the other times of year more!

I love it when the light catches the eyes just right!  Beautiful eyes, beautiful fall colors, I just loved these pictures!  I feel so lucky to be able to go out and work to capture beautiful pictures!  I love the light that each person brings to the picture!  Light and life is what really makes the pictures beautiful to me!   

The yellow fall colors in the photo along with her red sweater is a beautiful color combination(in my eyes).  They compliment each other so much and her smile really makes for the perfect cherry on top.  

I say this pretty often but it's my favorite slogan: "Photography is a cure for a bad memory. "  Capture these memories, these moments, this age now!  Get your camera out and make sure you are not missing these special moments because they are fleeting!  This age, this time, today are things you will never have again!  Don't miss out, start today!!
Life is beautiful, family is beautiful, capture it!  Take family pictures!!

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