Monday, January 9, 2017

Utah Family Photographer

This weekend was COLD!!  I took these family pictures this past fall, and I miss the nice temperatures and playing outside all day long.  I am glad we have winter too, but after Christmas I just wish it was warmer:).  
This family is one of my favorites, love them, love them, love them!   I met the beautiful mom of this family in Spain, when we were both serving missions for our church.  She is one of my best friends and I am so thankful that our kids are best friends too(and WAY too much a like if you ask me)!  This beautiful family is like family to mine and we love them all very much!
I love capturing the family bonds and all the different personalities of every member of the family!  It is one of my most favorite parts of being a photographer.  It is so fun to see each member interact with one another with their own attitudes and personalities!  I love trying to capture each moment, and relationship with each different person!  Being a photographer has made me see the world a little differently.  It has opened my eyes to light and life that I would never have noticed before!  I am constantly on a journey of improvement in my life and in my photography(so no judging:))!

Utah family photographer!

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