Monday, January 30, 2017

Lake Powell, Utah Family Photographer

Lake Powell, is beautiful!  I had never been down to Lake Powell until I got married to my husband.  I didn't grow up in a family that loved the water, or had boats, so this was all new to me!    I am not a water person, myself, but it's something my husband loves.  He grew up going to Lake Powell with his cousins and extended family so it's a tradition that we are trying to keep for our children!  In years past his family had a house boat for their Lake Powell trip, and let me tell you, this was not my favorite thing!  I was terrified with my kids on a house boat running around and playing and sleeping on the water.  Needless to say we only took our little kids once because it was too much for their mom!  Starting in 2015 the family decided to try bringing their motorhomes down to the beach and try Lake Powell that way, this is what convinced me to try it again!  It was so much better(for me)!  I loved it so much more!  The trip was a little bit further then before, I think it took us 6 or 7 h1ours to get down there(when before it was only 3 or 4ish), but it was totally work it in my opinion!  Not having my little kids sleep on the water, having space to run and play, it was so great!

The first morning there my husband woke me up to see the beautiful sunset one the beach!  It was truly breathtaking (but getting up at 5 in the morning was a little rough on me and I was kind of a grouch the whole day).  I am so glad he got me up because every time I look at these pictures of the sunrise it reminds me of summer, warmth and playfulness.  It was worth it to get up but sleep is something that I love!

This is what our camp looked like on Tuesday when most of the family got there.  By the weekend there were people on all sides of us!  The beach get super crowded as the week goes on, so weekends are not the best time to go!  If you want a good camping spot right by the water then make sure to get there early in the week!  

The water, the sun and the family, it doesn't get much better then this!  I actually had a lot of fun!  It was beautiful and seeing my kids playing all day in the water with family!  it is something that I wouldn't want to deprive them of!  

One of the things that made me reconsider the Lake Powell trip again(because I hated the house boat!) was when my little girl and I were shopping at Costco and she wanted to use her money to buy a lifejacket.  I reminded her that we didn't have a boat and probably wouldn't use a life jacket very often this summer, and that's when she informed me that she would need one for the Lake Powell trip!  It reminded me that even though it isn't something that I love, my children need to be given the chance to know both sides of their family and choose the traditions that will be important to them!  I'm trying to make a better effort to get out of my comfort zone and try new things so that my children can choose for themselves and their future families!
Family traditions beautiful!  I am so glad that my husbands grandma and grandpa loved to get outside and explore, and try new things!  These traditions and carrying on through the grandkids and great grandkids!  Family is such a wonderful thing to have and I want to make sure my kids are given the chance to enjoy each other and just play together!

Yay for family vacations and photography to capture these moments and memories!!

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