Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Baby Fall Sessions, Utah Family Photographer

I love Fall Photography Sessions, I miss them and want them back so bad!  I don't remember winter being so bad, but this year it's really killing me!  I miss the sun, and really just being outside!  Fall is just a magical time of year!  I love all the seasons, they all have a different kind of beauty to them but fall specifically is magical for me, the colors, the air, the leaves, everything is so beautiful!  Utah really knows how to put on a show (right before the winter comes and we can't go outside because the air makes our faces hurt).  It makes me appreciate the other seasons when we have a winter has long and had as this month of January!
This little guy is my youngest and is just the craziest baby you will ever meet!  He loves being active, and screaming to let you know what he wants!  He really likes to keep us on our toes!  He makes life an adventure for us and keeps his older siblings laughing all the time!  We sure love this cute little guy!
It was a lot of fun taking him out to the park to do a little photography session with him and his teddy bear.  This little teddy bear was given to him by his dad last Christmas.  He really doesn't love this teddy bear but we try to get him to love it(it's like he has a mind of his own!:))

 This kid has the best smile and laugh!  He gets a kick out of life, and keeps us all laughing with him!  In this picture his dad was throwing leaves at him and he was just loving it!  It was so funny to see how excited he got when dad would pick up more leaves!

I love those big blue eyes he's got!  I love the light and innocents that comes with these cute little people!  The really teach us so much about life and what is truly important!  

 I love these little pictures with the teddy bear because he really looks like he loves that teddy bear, mission accomplished!  I really think he just doesn't like the teddy bear because we want him to like it so bad!  

The older I get the more amazed I am at the beautiful earth we are given to live in!  I love Utah, I love the season changes and the different landscapes, we are truly blessed to have the beautiful land to live on and enjoy.  The beautiful colors along with this beautiful baby that we love so much just makes my heart happy!  

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