Thursday, February 16, 2017


Yellowstone is awesome!  I want to go up there every year!  It is beautiful and full of life and action all the time!  It was so much fun!
So this trip to Yellowstone was a little while ago, but I'm just trying to get it all on the blog!  It was over Memorial Day weekend  and the park was super busy with animals and tourists!  I could not believe how much I loved this trip!  We saw so many animals with their little babies, it was so beautiful!  It did rain a lot but when the sun was shining it made up for all the rain!
I had only been once before with my family when I was growing up, I didn't love it, but I wanted to give it another chance as an adult and not a snotty teenager.   I am so glad that we went back with my little family and were able to see so much!  We saw 5 bears(that was the coolest thing!), deer, Elk(I think), a beaver, buffalo and their little babies it was awesome!!  It is such a beautiful place I really want to go back and do more exploring and picture taking!    

Seeing a mom and her three baby bear cubs was the coolest thing ever!  I was pretty scared of going to Yellow Stone because of all the bear stories but we were in the car and there were like a milling people around, everyone was going crazy, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be!  It was pretty cool to see!  There were rangers directing the traffic and trying to keep people away from the bear(they were crazy) but it was so fun to see the cute baby bear cubs with their mom!

This is a huge Grizzly bear, or brown bear, I have no idea!  It was across the lake from us and it was pretty hard to see he looked like a big furry rock.  I thought it was so cool to see him(from far away, I'm totally scared of everything).  Whenever you get into a lot of traffic at Yellowstone that probably means there's some kind of cool animal around(or the buffalo are blocking the road).  It was so fun to be there and see all the amazing animals!

 This waterfall was beautiful!  I loved that the rainbow showed up right before we were leaving!  This is such a beautiful land we've been given to enjoy, how lucky we are!

This trip was a blast!  I've mentioned that I am not an outdoorsy girl but staying in a camper, having a toilet, and showers is my kind of camping!  I want my children to know and enjoy this beautiful world we have been blessed to live on!  I'm trying to be better about being outside and getting my family to do it with me!  It has filled my life with more purpose!

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