Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Utah Family Photographer Newborn Session

A couple weeks ago my cousin had a sweet little baby girl!  You have to understand that in my husbands family girls are a rare commodity!  There is something like 35 boys grandchildren to like 7 girl grandchildren!  So, when our cousin found out she was having a girl it was pretty big news for the family!  
It is so fun to have a new sweet little person fresh from heaven!  This little girl was perfect during the photo shoot!  She is perfect for this family!

So normally I don't do a lot of newborn photography I like to stick with family photography but doing this for family it was a really low pressure situation(just the kind I like) and I felt like we could really take our time and try to get the shots that would be perfect for this new little person!

I'm such a sucker for the sad faces!  I think these pictures are so cute!  I love their lips and the little lines their perfect little faces make!  It's so fun to capture these little moments!

 She is such a little doll!  She is so loved by her family what a beautiful gift!!

 This blessing dress belongs to her great grandma!  It is so beautiful!  I love the simplicity of it and how timeless it is!  It is so fun to photograph meaningful family treasures!  She was the perfect model for the dress!  It was just perfect on her!

I love these pictures of these two sweet sisters!  The older sister was so excited to have a new little baby sister!  It was so fun to photograph this new (to Earth)relationship!  I love the family relationships that show up in little moments to be captured and remembered forever!  

This mom and baby photograph goes down in the books as one of my favorite!  The look they are giving one another is priceless!  Photographing these moments makes me happy, it is good for my heart!!

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